VolgaMetal Industrial LTD - producer of working tooling for cold rolling mills

Since 2005 VolgaMetal Industrial LTD provides services on manufacturing of cold rolling working tooling, including: rolling dies and mandrels for pilger mills, rolls for roll forming mills, straightening & leveling machines.

For pilgering tasks VolgaMetal Industrial LTD offers the whole package of necessary services: examines current rolling pattern to find out potential problem, provides improvement recommendations and perform new rolling tool design calculation according to the customer's required output.

Rolling dies by VolgaMetal Industrial Ltd combine all necessary properties for consumers: tight tolerances and low roughness of working groove, good abrasive and adhesive wear resistance, excellent resistance to fatigue cracking.

Our tools have our customer's approval to be capable in serving most difficult tasks of cold pilgering process, such as: titanium hydraulic pipes for aircraft industry or pipes made of special stainless steel grades.

Usage of our rolling dies for modern high-speed rolling mill allowed our customer to bring output rate at the level exciding norm specified by mill manufacturer, average tool life for hard rolled titanium alloys increased by 10 times, fault time due to mill down-time was cut significantly.

Achieved dies footage in case of common stainless steel pilgering is 50-100km of finish pipes depending on tolerance requirements.

Competitive tool unit costs along with the advanced tool life gain allow us to meet customer's expectations along with holding leadership position.

Systematic investment in expansion and diversification of production capacities make us possible to gain recognition as the full fledged manufacturer of high quality tools amongst Russian and Ukrainian seamless pipe producers.

For further information please contact us via email: info@volgametal.ru